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AAI addresses community issues through the lens of aging. AAI advocates for change on behalf of all older people, while recognizing that certain groups, particularly older people of color, single women, low-income people, and residents of rural areas are most impacted by these issues.


All older people deserve quality of healthcare in its broadest sense – physical, mental, brain and emotional health.

AAI supports:

  • Resources to help people live-at-home for as long as they want
  • Innovations to prevent social isolation
  • Robust healthcare of older people

Economic Security

Many of Marin’s older residents are facing ageism stigma in the workforce, aging into poverty, and experiencing generational wealth stripping. No older person should need to worry about their economic security.

AAI supports:

  • Workplace policies that value the contributions of older workers and that provide access to employment opportunities.
  • Protection against fraud; education about financial security
  • Enhancement of Social Security
  • Adequate financial support to sustain well-being (such as Social Security and rental assistance)


The lack of affordable housing in Marin affects everyone, including renters, homeowners on fixed incomes, empty nesters, caregivers, and people facing homelessness. Housing is a basic need for every older person.

AAI supports:

  • More affordable rental housing for older people and for service providers
  • New independent housing and assisted living and memory care
  • 1,000 new accessory dwelling units
  • Financing measure to create more affordable housing
  • Innovative housing options (intergenerational and shared housing)
  • Retrofits to make homes safe and accessible


Mobility is a basic need for every older person.

AAI supports:

  • Expanded transit and paratransit service, especially in West Marin and other hard to reach areas in the county
  • Rideshare accessibility
  • Housing in transit-rich neighborhoods

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