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November 2, 2016 | Do you want to make an impact? Include aging in your portfolio. The number of older adults in America is growing fast, giving grantmakers countless opportunities to make a difference in this area.

Aging influences nearly every aspect of our communities. The opportunities are limitless, the benefits are powerful, the time is now.

John Feather, PhD
CEO, Grantmakers In Aging

For grantmakers interested in enhancing or extending your programs to encompass aging, Grantmakers in Aging has developed a resource guide for you. For All Ages: The GIA Guide to Funding Across the Lifespan is an invaluable resource for funders exploring the possibility of expanding their funding to encompass aging.

Want to find out more? Start with Aging 101. Or, take a look at sections below devoted to funding in particular topics, such as Health, Education, Communities, Children, Youth & Families, and Arts & Culture. To see go directly to a specific topic, click the links below.

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