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Call For Applications

The Practice Change Leaders for Aging and Health is a national program to develop, support and expand the influence of organizational leaders who are committed to achieving transformative improvements in care for older adults. The Practice Change Leaders program is jointly supported by the Atlantic Philanthropies and the John A. Hartford Foundation.

Context: Our nation’s health delivery system frequently does not meet the unique needs of older adults. Wide gaps remain between evidence-based approaches, nationally recognized best practices, and how care is currently delivered for many conditions that disproportionately affect this population. Strong leadership is needed to ensure that promising innovations are implemented to improve health and functional outcomes in older adults.

Program Summary: The Practice Change Leaders program is a fifteen month opportunity to gain enhanced leadership skills and content expertise to positively influence care for older adults. Leaders complete a project aimed at integrating improved care for older adults within their organization, allowing them to remain at their full time job throughout the fifteen month program.

Intended Outcomes: The intended outcomes of the Practice Change Leaders for Aging and Health program are twofold: First, the goal of the program is the development of effective leaders who champion high quality care and promote a prominent role for older adults in defining the type, intensity, and setting of care they choose to receive. Second, the goal of the program is the resulting improvement in the organization and delivery of health and health care services to older adults.

Program Activities: Through participation in this fifteen month program, Practice Change Leaders will further develop their leadership skills through completing a project aimed at improving care for older adults. With the support of national Senior Leaders, Practice Change Leaders will engage in self-directed acquisition of the necessary skills and content expertise to become more effective leaders.

Award Details & Eligibility

Application Deadline: Wednesday August 26, 2015 at 2:00 PM PDT, 3:00 PM MDT, 4:00 PM CDT, 5:00 EDT No exceptions will be made.
Start of Award: January 1, 2016
Amount of Award: Practice Change Leaders receive $45,000 during the fifteen month award. The applicant’s home institution is expected to provide cost-sharing support as described below in section C of “Conditions of the Award”.
Number of Awards: Up to 10 awards will be made.
Eligibility: Applicants must hold a leadership role in a health care delivery organization, health-related institution, or community-based organization with direct responsibility for care that impacts older adults. The applicant’s home institution may be a health plan, hospital, ambulatory clinic, home health agency, assisted living facility, nursing home, or community-based agency providing health-related services to older adults. Irrespective of practice setting, applicants must be senior enough in their organization to have decision-making authority and be able to effectuate change. Applicants must live and practice in the United States.

To Request An Application: To request an application send an e-mail to The application will be sent to you within three business days of receiving your request.
To Learn More About the Program: Applicants will have questions and wish to discuss their proposals. Please visit where you can learn more or you can contact ChangeLeaders directly via the website.