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Aging Action Initiative September Highlights  By Linda Jackson
AAI Program Director

September arrived with a potpourri of news to share. Open up your calendar and get ready to sign up, show up, and speak up:

Want to keep up with the Governor’s Master Plan for Aging? 

Governor Newsom ignited us with his call for a statewide plan to address the future of older adults and people with disabilities. A community meeting on September 20 in San Francisco promises to give us a peak at how the plan will be coming together over the next year. You can attend in person (I’m taking the ferry to the Hyatt on the Embarcadero — join me!) or online. Details here.

It’s AAI Academy time!

Calling all frontline staff; city and town safety, recreation, and library personnel; healthcare workers; and community volunteers who work with older people! It’s time to register for AAI’s fall academies about Marin resources for housing, transportation, community, and legal protection. “Basic Services features speakers from agencies and organizations. “The Sunset Years offers training as well as resources for those who work with people in their final year. 

Stop by our JADU Expo at the Marin Senior Fair 

The Marin Senior Fair on Wednesday, October 23, at the Civic Center’s Exhibition Hall will feature AAI’s JADU Expo! A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (“JADU”) is an inexpensive way for an older homeowner to earn extra income and have the option for a nearby caregiver or companion. Speak with a planner, architect, and contractor to learn how to help your clients make money from their home investment.

Marin Transit is going to change its fares for older people.

Marin’s local transit services includes paratransit, fixed route transit, and a variety of innovative ride programs. Recently, Marin Transit staff announced that they are considering a different fare structure for older people who use. The headline says it all: “Marin Transit Mulls Free Bus Rides for Some Low-Income Riders.” See more information in this newsletter edition about opportunities to learn more and provide feedback on the proposed changes.

AAI’s Advocacy Alliance 

The AAI collaborative’s newest initiative, the Advocacy Alliance, is already having an impact. Marin’s Census 2020 project staff are now aware of how crucial and challenging it will be to count all older people in the county. Mental Health Services Act staff have a deeper appreciation of the mental health needs of older adults, represented by high suicide rates for older men and depression caused by loss and isolation. Elected officials now regularly hear from community members and staff of local agencies about the need for more housing (especially affordable housing) for seniors, caregivers, and healthcare workers. We are being heard!


Since the beginning of July, 50 people attended one of this summer’s Detect&Connect workshops in Marin City, Sausalito and San Rafael!  Request information about a free workshop for your staff, volunteers, board members, and/or clients by emailing

Last, but not least: Welcome Ross to the Age-Friendly Network!

Aging Action Initiative September Highlights  Super congratulations to the latest member of Marin’s Age-Friendly community. Nearly all of Marin’s jurisdictions are now in the process of preparing an age-friendly plan. The result of all this planning work is that County supervisors, councilmembers, and city and town managers are becoming aware of the number of older people living in their communities and of the issues facing them as they age in their forever home. Grassroot planning by Marin’s age-friendly activists are going to make the difference so that Marin is a great place to grow old, as well as to work and raise a family. 

Happy September to you! 

~ Linda