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April 20, 2016 | Aging Action Initiative hosted a Convene & Connect event to explore “What’s next for aging in Marin?” More than 100 people showed up to connect, share and work with the Aging Action Initiative, policy makers, and other colleagues from across the county to shape the future of aging in Marin.

Networking & Sharing Ideas:

      • What’s working well? What’s been challenging? for you and your organization
      • What’s next? for you, your organization and the age-related topics you’re involved in
      • What does success look like? how would you best measure it

Information & Resources:


About Aging Action Initiative

Aging Action Initiative (AAI) is a collective effort of over 65 different agencies, grassroots organizations, commission and neighborhood groups, funded by the County of Marin and coordinated by MarinSpace, collaborating for an age-friendly environment. For more information visit or connect with us on Facebook.